Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well-wishes for tulku Urgyen Jigmey Rabsel Dawa

Om svasti
May the son of Gyurme Dorje, sublime reincarnation
Of Orgyen Chokyur Dechen Lingpa,
Who was a regent, eminent, of Lotus Mahaguru,
The single form of conqurors, most able, wise and kind,
May the triple secrets of Jigmey Rabsel Dawa remain firm,
So he learns, reflects and train until perfection
And becomes a propagator of teachings of the Conquoror.
Through the strength of Vajra Kumara, great and splendid,
May the vicious maras who may try to inflict harm
Be destroyed completely so the force of his activities
Flourish in their might and sway,
And may Amitayus, Mother Wishfulfilling Wheel,
Vijayi, and Vimalamitra as well,
Padma Vajra and his two dakinis,
With an endless deva ocean of immortal life,
Grant their blessings and abilities
So his life is never-waning
And forever remains firm.

--written by Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche before the Yangsi was born.


pensum said...

Great photo--thanks Erik!

Anonymous said...

As ever looks amazingly like the master. In non-smiling photos his eyes have TUR's numbing reverential awestruck glaze of the enlightened ones and kayas with utmost respect. Yet it would be wrong to see that as conservatism rather he was traditional in the best possible sense and according to Dilgo Khyentse achieved the fourth vision. Also from photos, not met him, his look of silent awe also seemed joyous. Not to mention he presented the ultimate, rigpa, so easily, relaxed and with confidence. The Yangsid has the same look.

Om Swasti