Monday, December 01, 2008


A decent little documentary on the life of Milarepa's guru Marpa the Translator, who was the founder of the Kagyu.


Anonymous said...

I find that there are some traditional Kagyu bias in this document. First of all Marpa was not a single man to carry transmission of Indian buddhism to Tibet, there were numerous masters-translators and numerous Indian and Nepalese masters who themselves visited Tibet to spread the teaching there.And then Marpa was not schooled in Kagyu teachings in India, Kagyu is what it became in Tibet, the transmissions which Marpa received can be found also in Sakya and Shagnpa schools. What a pitty that these sectarian misconceptions spoil this othervise enjoyable documentary.


pensum said...

ah but thankfully you've pointed them out and made up for the lack--thanks Wangdrag!

Anonymous said...

kindness is the only tool I need...thank you for these blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am looking for a picture of Kyabje Urgyen Tulku together with Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche.The photo I am looking for was shot when both Rinpoches were together in hospital in Germany, they put their heads together and smile real bright. I had the pic on my labtop but somehow lost it. Maybe someone has it as it was published in the web befor. Thanx Temptationtashi