Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Two short reviews from Bernie Simon

Bernie Simon author's The Careless Hand and recently mentions Blazing Splendor:


Breathing said...


A couple of years ago, while living in Bouddha, I picked up a text I was told was the land consecration text used to cleanse the area at which Ka-Nying Gompa was built. I am looking for more information on the text, including, but not limited to, the question of its translation. The text is entitled: "rtsi rigs sna tshogs nye mkho phyogs bsdebs bzhugs so."

Excuse me if this is an inappropriate venue for approaching you. How shall I contact you in the future?

Erik Pema Kunsang said...

Thanks CJL, I'm not familiar with the text. Who told you that it had been used?

Breathing said...

Gee, good question. I worked on it with Tinley Dhondup. I believe I got the title name from an Om 'dzin of sorts. That could be wrong. He was an older monk whom I found in the building in front (and to the right) of the main lhakhang after coming up the steps from the parking lot.

I know that doesn't tell you much, sorry.

Thanks for your response.