Monday, March 16, 2009

Copper-Colored Realm of Splendor

We just received news about Tsikey Chokling Rinpoche aspiration for constructing a temple in the shape of Padmasambhava's mansion - the Palace of Lotus Light. Rinpoche is planned to "break ground for the foundation and begin construction of a Zangdok Palri temple at Chapagaon during the second Tibetan month.

Rejoice !!!

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pensum said...

That is indeed wonderful news! and the appropriateness of a post on the pure land following fast on the heels of one about "hell on earth" is rather delightful too.

Padma Lodrön said...

Emaho! What a wonderful news! Our Brasilian Zaldok Palri at Khadro Ling was consecrated by Dzongsar Rinpoche. You can see it at

Unknown said...

where exactly is -- or will be -- this new temple? Dechen Palmo