Saturday, December 25, 2010

Padmasambhava on devotion in Mahamudra

To use an analogy, when the sun is bright and you have an undamaged, untainted lens, dry moss will catch fire the very moment you correctly arrange the three. Similarly, when the master’s blessings, your own devotion, and the pure sincerity of your being all coincide, the original wakefulness that is Mahamudra automatically arises by simply making a supplication with deepfelt yearning.

-- Padmasambhava, from Juniper Ridge.

The image is at Tsopema, the Lotus Lake in Himachal Pradesh.


pensum said...

Now that is a Christmas gift!
thanks Erik.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

anon-linker said...

E. Gene smith passes away.

anon-linker said...

Remembering E. Gene Smith, messages by Karmapa, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche and others:

Anonymous said...


garby francis leon said...

Greetings Blazing Splendor blog, and students and followers of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche.

This is just a general communication, not a specific response to the latest posting.

I just wanted to say that reading Painting Rainbows over the past two weeks has been an extraordinary experience - it's the first book of teachings that makes me feel as if I understand, in a conceptual sense at least, what Buddhism is all about and what the Dzogchen and Mahamudra practices are, at least in general terms.

Maybe Americans, or westerners, need to have some kind of overview to settle their restless and curious minds a bit - with many larger questions addressed so skilfully in Rinpoche's book, it's easy to feel that one has a solid start on a path which, by its nature, is elusive and even to some extent indescribable. Quite a feat that Painting Rainbows seems to make it so clear, all the while pointing out the limitations of a conceptual understanding.

Personally it's been a great gift and enormous help, leaving me inspired to practice, read and learn more (I have As It Is v.1 and have ordered v.2). Likewise I'm interested in everything the students and followers of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche have to say about him, his life, and all associated matters around the Dharma.

Rinpoche's words have been very meaningful to this long-time Dharma dropout, now inspired to take another step on the path thanks to him, and to your efforts -

sincerely, garby francis leon - Los Angeles CA

email- intensitymedia AT yahoo DOT com

anon-linker said...

Rainbow is a sort of first in the trilogy followed by As It Is, Vol.s 1 & 2 respectively on tantra's generation & completion phases from Dzogchen POV. Tsokniy Rinpoche's "Carefree Dignity" is in a similar style. I recommend people who have read them to read a random chapter again, they will be surprised how they stay fresh. That's why I recommended to Eric a while back to put them on MP3s (audio books).

I said before that Dakini Teachings and Advice from the Lotus Born are two of the best books in English on Buddhism due to many reasons all to do with Padmasambhava. I have been reading the Juniper slowly over the last few weeks and it makes a trilogy too. The intro lecture from TUR is outstanding in terms of cosmos ontology and pithy instructions too. Is there any western literary effort higher than translating into English with accurate simplicity and economy the Dzogchen and tantra pith instructions of Padmasambhava as we have here? I like to thank Eric and his collaborators and hope there will be more new titles on Guru Rinpoche's words and terma after Juniper.

pensum said...

Dear Garby,
Thank you so much for sharing your kind words. We are quite touched by your honesty and gratitude. We have been very blessed to have spent time with and received teachings from someone who truly realized and embodied the teachings and it is a great honour to help share Tulku Urgyen's wisdom and advice with others. He gave us so much and provided us with not only the living ideal of his own example but the means by which even lazy, dull-witted practitioners like ourselves could attain enlightenment in this very life. Thanks to him, if we do fall short (I know I certainly do) we now have nobody to blame but ourselves.
May your practice be free of obstacles and the light of wisdom rise like a sun within.