Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New head of Lachab Monastery

Just before leaving for Singapore, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche handed me a letter to translate. It had been written by Ngaktrin Tulku last year, prior to his passing. The letter appoints Karma Gyaltsen Rinpoche to be incharge of the monasteries and retreat centers.

An announcement to all sublime upholders of the Dharma and faithful male and female practitioners and laypeople, especially the main lamas of area:
Karma Gyaltsen Rinpoche—who stems from a line of siddhas, the Tsangsar clan of Nangchen, and who is educated, disciplined and noble-minded, and is experienced and realized—has the qualifications for being responsible for the teachings and the monasteries. Accordingly, I have enthroned him has my successor in the position of crown ornament of Buddhadharma for Tsangsar Lachab Gompa, both the main and the branch monasteries.
It is therefore my hope and request that all sublime masters and faithful benefactors extend him their continued trust and assistance with joy and perseverance. Together with my fervent prayers to the Three Jewels who are the source of benefit and happiness for all beings and for the Buddha's teachings, this was written by Ngaktrin Tulku on the fifteenth day of the tenth month in year of the Female Wood Bird (2005).

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sherabray said...

Is it any photo and introduction about this Rinpoche? thanks.