Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crystal Lotus Cave

A special thanks to Michael and Helen for sharing these photos of their pilgrimage to Pema Shelpuk.

Tangton Gyalpo Iron bridge

on the way to Pema Shelpuk (Crystal Lotus Cave)

view of terma site

entrance to the cave where the Dzogchen Desum was revealed

caretakers of the cave

altar inside the cave

statue of Padmasambhava

retreat huts offered  free to those doing retreat or kora


pensum said...

Someone was kind enough to provide the following links:

37 Termas of Chokgyur Lingpa

Biography of Chokgyur Lingpa

and Treasure of the Lotus Crystal Cave (from Treasures of Juniper Ridge)

Volker said...

Thank you so much Michael and Helen!Had too little time to contact you in Nepal this time. Sometime soon I hope to travel there myself.

Anonymous said...

I just came across this amazing new clip on youtube. Video of the late Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche leaving his monestary in Nepal for the last time after a short ceremony in which the late Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche is the main guest and they see each other for the last time. Maybe put it on the main page so more students and devotees of both Rinpoches have a chance to see it.

Anonymous said...

The video can also be found on The Chronicle Project website if it has been taken down from YouTube.
It's quite wonderful.

pensum said...

At your suggestion I've searched the Chronicle Project but without success. if you could please provide us the exact link. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pensum,
I just went onto The Chronicle Project website and found that the video has been moved from its location of yesterday. I am currently at a public computer that doesn't allow the copying of links but I will direct you to where I found it today as best I can (I will be at a different computer later in the week and if you still haven't found it, I will be able to post the link then.)

First go back to The Chronicle Project website.

Next click on the link on the left that says "Dilgo Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche on Shambhala and Trungpa Rinpoche"

Next scroll down the page until you see the word (in blue) "Continue" underlined as a link. Click there and it will open up to the "Celebrating the Return" website and you will see the video as you scroll down on the page.

Of course I just realized there is an easier way to find the video. Visit this link (which I can type out:


Hope this helps and works. Let me know if it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pensum,
I just went to view the video of Khyentse Rinpoche leaving Sechen Monastery in Nepal for last time and it says "Sorry this video has been removed by the user". Its unfortunate but they must have their reasons. I did see it yesterday and it was very worthwhile.

Michael Golland said...

Well my anonymous cohorts, it does appear that the video on "the return" website was also just a link to the youtube video that has been removed.