Friday, October 24, 2008

Since Blazing Splendor was published, several rare photos have seen the light of day. I have seen this picture of Katok Situ enough times to feel it should be included.

In the book, a whole chapter is devoted to him, as told through Turlku Urgyen's uncle: "The Master-Scholar Katok Situ", which includes a wonder story about how Katok Situ found the renowned Armor Against Darkness, a clarification of Anu Yoga practice according to an original tantra known as the Scripture of the Great Assemblage. This commentary, written by Sangye Yeshe of Nub, one of the Lotus-Born’s twenty-five disciples, had vanished centuries ago.


pensum said...

Nice find Erik! any chance you have a larger printable version that you could link to from the smaller version here?

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen any yet.