Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Passing of His Holiness the XIth Mindrolling Trichen

Sadly the marvelous lama Mindrolling Trichen passed away on February 9th. The official announcement can be read here.


Anonymous said...

Technically Mindroling is the leadership of Nyingma order and Dorje Terag (Terdag) is still technically number two since it used to be the leader monestary before Mindrolnig. The two are closely related in time (history) & location (central Tibet). Terdag monestary (Jangter or Northern treasure) is now much smaller than Kathok, Shechen, Palyul & Dzogchen monestaries. However Mindrolling Trichen rinpoche deferred the leadership to Dudjom rinpoche in Tibet with Terdag rinpoche agreeing as you see in the famous Blazing Splendor photo as Dudjom rinpoche was the regent of Guru rinpoche. That is the significance of that occasion (photo) as at that time they had to be represented in the then joint Tibetan-chinese administration. However Nyingmas are generally a distributed order and not hierarchical anyway. Then Dudjom rinpoche & Mindrolling Trichen fled Tibet and Terdag rinpoche has stayed to look after the sentient beings there.
After Dudjom rinpoche's parinirvana, Mindrolling Trichen Rinpoche asked Penor rinpoche (Palyul head) to become Nyingma head representative in the Tibetan Government in Exile. Mindrolling Trichen rinpoche was a living Buddha of our time. There are very few Nyingma elders left from that time, among them Chatral Rinpoche, Dodrubchen Rinpoche, Trulshik Rinpoche & Achuk Rinpoche. May their feet remain firmly on this earth.

Gene Smith on the Mindrolling lineage:

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