Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ngaktrin Tulku passes on

The fifth Ngaktrin Tulku -- Tsewang Dechen, born 1941, has just passed on. He was the chief abbot of Lachab Gompa and its branch nunnery and retreat centers.

He was also a close student of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche and received the transmissions of the New Treasures from him.

Long-Yang, his attendant relates: As soon as Ngaktrin Rinpoche heard news of Tulku Urgyen's reincarnation, he said, "I have waited for this. If the sons have no doubt then I'm satisfied." He died the next day.
His body will be taken to Fortress Peak for one week and then on to Lachab Gompa.

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sherabray said...


may the Tulku of Samten Gyatso be rebirth soon!...

sherabray said...

As we knew that the Ngaktrin Tulku had passed after the news of Yangsi Tulku Urgyen had annouced, So is it any way that can support the Lhachab Gompa?

Anonymous said...

I posted quit a long time ago that Chojor Rinpoche and I are try to see what we can do. I posted it to the Gomde yahoo-group around on the 13, 14 or 15th please feel free to look. what I wrote and see if you can help.

Anonymous said...

We have a non-profit here in the States, Chojor is now the only Tulku from this gonpa old enough to help take care of it of Lachab. There are lamas and monks but it is the tulks job to take care of what needs any gonpa has.
The post to Gomde-yahoogroup is under the heading of "Ngaktrin Rinpoche" posted the 15th of march