Saturday, July 16, 2005

Personal Reminiscences

Using Tulku Urgyen's own approach of using his personal encounters with great masters as a model, here we encourage you to share your personal memories and experiences with Tulku Urgyen and other lineage holders. Please feel free to share your own anecdotes, whether inspiring, eye-opening or simply entertaining.


Anonymous said...

Although Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche and I came from the same area in eastern Tibet, it was not until I arrived in the Kathmandu Valley that we met.
When I came to Nepal, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche was already there. Having heard of him, I kept bothering him until he kindly accepted to give me the transmission for the One Hundred Empowerments of Cho. He was living in Kathmandu at the time and in those days I was quite poor and unable to make any significant offering for this transmission. Since he was extremely kind-hearted and we came from the same homeland, I was fortunate to receive all the empowerments. From then on we maintained a very pure samaya connection. Because Tulku Urgyen was someone with great kindness and a strong sense of loyalty, he never changed his feelings for someone once he had gotten to know them.
Our relationship was one of brothers, he treated me as an equal, just as if we had the same father and mother. When he shared his thoughts with me there was never any discrepancy between his words and what he really felt. This doesn't mean that other lamas are unreliable, but for me it was as if Tulku Urgyen was the only one I really felt I could confide and place my trust in.

Anonymous said...

Tulku Urgyen was very kind to me and my children. He and I traveled together extensively more than thirty years ago, and in later years I received several important teachings from him.
To have met and studied with this great lama, enjoyed his presence and received his compassionate guidance, is truly a great blessing. His loving gestures and marvelous heart brought us all boundless joy.
Although others were much closer to him, I can say that his gentle nature, which became immediately apparent to all who met him, was truly unique.

Anonymous said...

Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche bestowed immense kindness upon me, graciously extending his compassion by conferring the empowerments, instructions and reading transmissions of the Dzogchen Desum, the Three Sections of the Great Perfection. Therefore, I consider him one of my special root gurus, one whose kindness is incomparable.